Join us as we continue to paint the nation gold, shake the real estate industry to its core, and give you the tools to empower your business to take it to the next level.


It’s the best
of both worlds

We define ourselves as a Full Service Real Estate Brokerage with a great commission structure.

From broker support and coaching to the latest real estate tech and tools, to our 100% commission model, our professionals are equipped with everything to take their business to the next level without sharing their hard earned money.


Breaking boundaries and paradigms by being UNtraditional in everything that we do since day ONE. We offer UNlimited tools and support, and are always UNlocking the rockstar potential of everyONE that joins us.

We’re constantly Opening Doors to move forward; a door being opened could be the representation of a successful transaction, or the opportunity given to dream and take action to make that dream a reality.

Working together as business-minded professionals pursuing personal liberty, and freedom from conformity. Challenging the routine of a self employed survivor, to a spirit of legacy.

A proven formula for succccccess

ONE simple fee structure
No splits, no junk fees, no surprises
Low annual fee cap

Inspiring a Coolture
EveryONE has a voice
ONE Family

Team Creation & Development
Business Tools
Business Planning
ONE University
Mentorship Program

Managers/Brokers Available
Efficient back office to help & support you
Supportive environment

International/global exposure
for your listings
High-impact marketing
zONE business efficiency & intelligence

Making a positive impact in the communities where we live, work & play
Quarterly local community service Events

Empowerment starts
with technology


At Realty ONE Group, we’re a family of equals who are proud of each other and what we are building and creating alongside ONE another. The success of our coolture is supported by our philosophy that everyONE has a voice. By sharing a common passion with a positive attitude and igniting WOW experiences, we’re creating raving fans who fuel our dynamic coolture as we paint the globe gold as ONE.


The path of success looks different to each ONE of us, and Realty ONE Group Next Level has you covered with different solutions based on the stage of your career. Our recruiting /development programs have been designed to give you the fundamentals to achieve greater success, faster! With a YOU-First focus mindset you can find basic and foundational skills in our REV UP Program. For those ready to grow, Level Up is the next step, and if you are looking to dominate your market while expanding, Team Up is the perfect Coaching opportunity.

From day ONE to ready to retire (yes! we have a Legacy program) our main focus is to develop you and to build a legacy that could support your personal and business lifestyle.

To learn more about our coaching and development programs contact our broker.


Kristen Endyke

Realty ONE Group Next Level

Realty ONE Group Next Level is the ultimate UNBROKERAGE. Our tools and training via REVUP allow my business to continually grow, which allows me to exceed my goals. Amazing COOLTURE nights enhance our office camaraderie. Our CARES committee continually provides resources to give back to our community. Our ONE DESIGN spot allows me to instantly create top notch marketing material. Realty ONE Group Next Level truly and genuinely has all that you need for fulfilling the wants and needs for your real estate business.

CJ Cronin

Realty ONE Group Next Level

Working for Realty ONE Group Next Level is great. Having worked for larger real estate firms, I really appreciate the culture our company has to offer; it’s a real team environment where people take the time to get to know each other. The tools we’re provided allow us to work successfully from anywhere and they can all be accessed via one login, which really helps to simplify running my business – especially while working remotely over these past 2 years. Realty ONE Group Next Level allows it’s agents the flexibility to create the life they want and in turn empowers them to be able to pursue goals outside of real estate. The commission split really can’t be beat in terms of the value you get back, and I couldn’t be happier with my decision to work with Realty ONE Group Next Level.

Victoria Mead

Realty ONE Group Next Level

When you think of a real estate brokerage it can be hard to choose one that feels like the right fit. Whether the office vibe makes it seem cut throat or it feels like you’re pretty much on your own to learn and grow. You don’t get either when you come to Realty ONE Group. The atmosphere is not like any other office. The owners have your best interest in mind and want to see you succeed. Everyone is genuinely caring, fun and there for each other. The training offered is top notch, always relevant, free, and if you choose- never ends. There’s trainings whether you’re new, been at it for a few years or have been in the business for a decade. Not only is the commission structure amazing and unlike any other but you are also given so many tools, resources and training that most companies that take a chunk of your commission don’t even offer! This is the best place to hang your license hands down!

Joshua Winn

Realty ONE Group Next Level

A year ago when I was looking for my first brokerage, I was looking for a place where I felt success would be inevitable. Transitioning from a salary role to a commission only role like real estate can be intimidating but after chatting with principal broker Rebecca Beauchemin for just an hour, I knew I had found the company that would launch my new career as a realtor. I can attribute my short ramp up time and almost immediate results to the incredible mentorship program and the resources available to all new agents. Realty ONE Group Next Level is exactly that…a next level company, looking for next level people, to become next level agents.

Realty ONE Group Next Level – Bedford
265 S River Suite C.
Bedford, NH 03110

Realty ONE Group Next Level – Concord
11 South Main Street, Suite 200.
Concord, NH 03301

Realty ONE Group Next Level – Nashua
20 Trafalgar Square, Suite 408.
Nashua, NH 03063

Realty ONE Group Next Level – Portsmouth
36 Maplewood Avenue.
Portsmouth, NH 03801


265 S River Suite C. Bedford, NH 03110
Office: 603.716.9722


11 South Main Street, Suite 200. Concord, NH 03301
Office: 603.716.9722


20 Trafalgar Square, Suite 408. Nashua, NH 03063
Office: 603.716.9722


36 Maplewood Avenue. Portsmouth, NH 03801
Office: 603.716.9722

Hours of Operation
Monday thru Friday 9-5, weekends by appointment

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Main Office: 603.716.9722


265 S River Suite C. Bedford, NH 03110

11 South Main Street, Suite 200. Concord, NH 03301


20 Trafalgar Square, Suite 408. Nashua, NH 03063

36 Maplewood Avenue. Portsmouth, NH 03801